The Blitz

What is effective ad copy?

Short. Sweet. To the point. With a clear, bold call to action. That's effective ad copy.

Ads have several elements and ad copy is one of those. But what ad copy is not is prose.

The purpose of advertising copy is to convert a potential reader into an actual reader.

The copy you choose works to provoke the reader to action.

That ad is simply to make a sale, grab an email, snag a new follower or increase clicks to your website. That’s it.

I don’t want you thinking this is the time to display your writing acumen. It isn’t.

Ad copy is written to show off your marketing acumen – a business, left-brained skill.

Be concise and be efficient.

As you think about your ad copy, remember this: everything you write is for your reader.

Remember this: readers want to be entertained, inspired, educated or informed.

Your book provides that to them. The ad is simply the way to get the book in their hands.

One of the best tricks for ad copy is the “what if” or “could you” phrase.

This is similar to your logline, and can create some spectacular ads.

It’s how you start every pitch conversation with an agent, but it’s also a great technique to hook a reader to buy your book or become interested in your platform.

  • Could a spider save a pig’s life? (Charlotte’s Web)
  • What if a Southern lawyer defended a Black man in Alabama during Jim Crow? (To Kill a Mockingbird)
  • Could you divorce your husband, leave your job and travel the world looking for yourself? (Eat, Pray, Love)
  • What if God was a woman? (The Shack)

 Be Different. Unique.

If you offer the same thing as everyone else or your ad sounds the same as everyone else’s ad, then you aren’t offering anything different or new.

You aren’t creating a new experience or inspiring anyone.

Understand what you bring to the table.

You may write genre fiction, so it is similar to a million other books, but it’s different and fresh and new, and it has your perspective.

That makes it special.

Figure out exactly what that is and make it clear in your ad copy.

  • Be creative but very clear and specific about what you are offering.
  • Break up the space – use photos, graphics, bullets, bolded lines. Make it easy on the reader.
  • Be Concise. I can’t say this enough. Say what you need to say and then shut it. You don’t have a lot of time to convince the reader. Use as few words as possible.
  • Experiment and try different ads to find the best return on your investment