The Blitz

What is an effective Call to Action?

Five words or less with strong, action verbs.

Have you heard the term “Call to Action” and thought, uh what?

Well, you’re not alone.

Most people understand the term, but the confusion comes in when you have to decide which one and what to do with it.

In marketing terms, a Call to Action, or CTA, is simply a request for your reader. It’s something you want them to do.

You’re probably most familiar with these:

  • Click Here
  • Sign Up
  • Download
  • Get Started
  • Learn More
  • Subscribe

In my mind, these are more Facebook buttons than effective calls to action. They used to be effective, but now they are overused.

But that’s ok, because we’re writers.

We can come up with something more creative, because these days the best calls to action aren’t quite so salesy.

But first, where do I use a call to action?

  • On your Instagram bio. The link in the bio needs a call to action so the reader knows what they’ll get when they click.
  • In Facebook ads to entice the reader to either sign up for your email list or buy your book.
  • Do you have a landing page for email sign ups? You’ll need one there too.

As you think about where to put the CTA, also think about how you can create one that is clever.

Is yours subtle? The subtler the better.

When people don’t feel like they are being marketed to, they are more likely to click.

Always use action verbs.

And even though you’re being subtle, you’re also being very clear about what the reader will get.

Ideas for a more creative call to action

  • Read the book that will change your life
  • Jump into a new adventure today
  • Grab your free stuff
  • Snag fun stuff below
  • Find your new best friend
  • Spread (insert holiday here) cheer today
  • Adventures for people who love to jump out of airplanes
  • Romance for those who love New York City
  • See what’s next for (insert series character name here)
  • Be where readers belong