Marketing Tip: “No” is Just the Starting Point

How you sell yourself is different than how you market yourself. Here’s a marketing tip for you: “No” is Just the Starting Point In my line of work, I’ve been called a “puppy dog yapping at my heels,” “bulldog pain in the ass,” “go-getter,” and on one occasion “the energizer bunny.” I wear each of…

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How to Stop Procrastination and Get Back to Writing

Photo by Jose Aragones on Unsplash

Let’s put this under common writer problems – procrastination. When writing was a hobby I could punch out anything at anytime – poems, short stories, long stories, anthologies, whatever. But when I decided to take it on full-time, all of a sudden that stupid dung beetle (aka writers procrastination) writhed into my life and bit…

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7 Tips for a Great Book Signing Event

Photo by Timothy Brock

It’s time for a book signing! Yeah!  Your book is ready to go. On the shelves and waiting anxiously for legions of readers to snatch it up. But because you are not David Baldacci, Dan Brown or The First Lady, publicity and marketing are up to you.  And you want to host a book signing,…

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Writing and Meditation: Unplugged Out West

Unplugging from Social Media can help you with Writing and Meditation.   We’re in Yellowstone.  The park. Seeking out nature and the absence of “the net.” Since we found out we’re moving to Washington DC, compliments of the US Air Force, we knew we had to get busy on the bucket list. The last big…

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Writing Inspiration: Independence Day

Do you need a writing inspiration on Independence day? Give yourself the freedom to write. Bring the sites and sounds of the 4th of July to any genre! According to the History Channel,  July 4th has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but the tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to…

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Writer’s Block: What to do About it


Ok, I have it.  Writer’s Block. Today, I’m drawing a blank. Well, truth be told, for the passed ten days I’ve been drawing a blank. I have other friends who are going through the same thing. Some of this is definitely quarantine related. I can’t concentrate on anything but health issues, keeping my family safe…

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Why Do We Write? A Little Motivational Exercise for Writers

Photo by Tucker Good

Why Do We Write? Being a writer means being plagued all the time with the question. Because doubt causes self-inflicted wounds to our words. A Little Motivational Exercise for Writers Our writing comes from deep inside where it ferociously slams its way through the muck and goo of our every self-conscious knife of insecurity to…

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Fiction Genres Matter

Do you know why fiction genres matter in the publishing industry? Because you, as a fiction writer, want to sell books. Now, maybe you could invent your own genre like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling or Kurt Vonnegut. But if not, the safest bet is to pick an established fiction genre until you are so…

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Enhance Your Writing Space & Write Your Book

photo by alvaro de la rica

Do you have a space in your home that is specifically designed as your writing space? Me neither. I use my laptop in whatever area fits my mood. The office is too dark. The dining room faces the street instead of the mountains. The best I have is the kitchen table and I’ve surrounded it…

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Best Marketing For Writers

book marketing

What is the best marketing for writers? The debate on what constitutes the best marketing for writers is a ferocious one. Is it books or presence? Will what works for one work for another? If you ask a public relations specialist, it will be the internet. And if you ask a marketing specialist, it will…

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