Book Launch Plan and Checklist

photo by felicia buitenwerf

Your working on a fabulous book and now you have to design a book launch! I DO?! Yes. Yes, you do. You are super excited and can’t wait for the world to read your book. Readers will fall in line and buy them by the thousands. Right? Only if you market your brand. Market myself?…

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Writers: Do These 5 Things Before You’re 5

Photo by Nathan Bingle

Are you a writer? How old are you? Not your real age, your writing age. I decided seven years ago that I wanted to pursue a professional writing career part-time. So, I’m roughly seven years old in “writer years” or maybe since it’s been part-time, I’m really 3.5 years. Let’s go with that because this…

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Is Fiction Writing a Business?

photo by adeolu eletu

Ok, it’s time for some hard truths on whether or not fiction writing is a business. And I’m coming at you from the angle that yes, yes indeed. Writing fiction is a small business. And you are the CEO. You’re also the CFO, CMO, I hear it all the time:  “I just want to write.”…

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Stolen Moments: 10 Ways to Steal Writing Time

Did you create a schedule for your writing? I envy writers who have schedules. You know, the type who can sit down every single day at the same time and write? Joe Lansdale writes every weekday from 9 to noon.  Nora Roberts is an 8-hour a day writer.  Cindi Madsen writes every morning and every…

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What’s On Your Content Calendar?

Photo by Estée Janssens

One of the more frequent questions I get is, “What am I supposed to post to social media?” I’ve seen frustration over and over about this question. First and foremost, the objective is much deeper than social media. It’s about building your online presence and creating a place for your readers, a place they will…

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Best Reasons for Writers to be on Twitter

Twitter is closing in on 330 million active monthly users and 30% of them have 6-figure salaries, 80% are affluent millennials.  Authors, publishers, business people, reporters, celebrities, and politicians are all on Twitter. If for no other reason than to find out what’s going on, you should be on Twitter. But as a writer, more…

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Don’t wing-it, plan it! 7 keys for a great book launch

Are you getting ready for a new book launch or just want to learn how to? Here are 7 keys for a great book launch Braving the wild world of bookstores and book clubs to get your new book on their shelves deserves a communications plan. Let’s wade through the silt of book publicity because…

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