Why Writers Should Attend Writers Conferences

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

I’ve been to five Pikes Peak Writers Conferences This year would have been my sixth and I was teaching four workshops. But with COVID cancelling everything, I didn’t get to go. That bums me out because I love writers conferences. I believe we’ll get back to attending them in person. That could be a while,…

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Who is Your Ideal Reader

ideal reader

Not everyone wants to read your work. It’s super important to figure out exactly who does. That’s the only way to hyper-focus your marketing to the right reader.

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Book Launch Plan and Checklist

photo by felicia buitenwerf

Your working on a fabulous book and now you have to design a book launch! I DO?! Yes. Yes, you do. You are super excited and can’t wait for the world to read your book. Readers will fall in line and buy them by the thousands. Right? Only if you market your brand. Market myself?…

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Writers: Do These 5 Things Before You’re 5

Photo by Nathan Bingle

Are you a writer? How old are you? Not your real age, your writing age. I decided seven years ago that I wanted to pursue a professional writing career part-time. So, I’m roughly seven years old in “writer years” or maybe since it’s been part-time, I’m really 3.5 years. Let’s go with that because this…

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Marketing Tip: “No” is Just the Starting Point

How you sell yourself is different than how you market yourself. Here’s a marketing tip for you: “No” is Just the Starting Point In my line of work, I’ve been called a “puppy dog yapping at my heels,” “bulldog pain in the ass,” “go-getter,” and on one occasion “the energizer bunny.” I wear each of…

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