What I learned about Pinterest for Writers

pinterest for authors

Last week, I decided to spend some time researching how writers can use Pinterest to further their writers’ platform. My philosophy is that in order to reach the people, you need to be where the people are. Right now, they are on Pinterest. Why? I still think Pinterest is definitely the place to showcase your…

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Stolen Moments: 10 Ways to Steal Writing Time

Did you create a schedule for your writing? I envy writers who have schedules. You know, the type who can sit down every single day at the same time and write? Joe Lansdale writes every weekday from 9 to noon.  Nora Roberts is an 8-hour a day writer.  Cindi Madsen writes every morning and every…

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Why Do We Write? A Little Motivational Exercise for Writers

Photo by Tucker Good

Why Do We Write? Being a writer means being plagued all the time with the question. Because doubt causes self-inflicted wounds to our words. A Little Motivational Exercise for Writers Our writing comes from deep inside where it ferociously slams its way through the muck and goo of our every self-conscious knife of insecurity to…

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Enhance Your Writing Space & Write Your Book

photo by alvaro de la rica

Do you have a space in your home that is specifically designed as your writing space? Me neither. I use my laptop in whatever area fits my mood. The office is too dark. The dining room faces the street instead of the mountains. The best I have is the kitchen table and I’ve surrounded it…

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