Off the Grid – Stay Motivated, Not Distracted

Time offline can lead to greater focus and creativity. Motivation can come from many places. How about from inside you? What can you, an author, do without your computer? So many things! —- How are your efforts to stay motivated working? Are you doing the writing you want to be doing? Or are you distracted?…

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Stolen Moments: 10 Ways to Steal Writing Time

Did you create a schedule for your writing? I envy writers who have schedules. You know, the type who can sit down every single day at the same time and write? Joe Lansdale writes every weekday from 9 to noon.  Nora Roberts is an 8-hour a day writer.  Cindi Madsen writes every morning and every…

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How to Stop Procrastination and Get Back to Writing

Photo by Jose Aragones on Unsplash

Let’s put this under common writer problems – procrastination. When writing was a hobby I could punch out anything at anytime – poems, short stories, long stories, anthologies, whatever. But when I decided to take it on full-time, all of a sudden that stupid dung beetle (aka writers procrastination) writhed into my life and bit…

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