6 Reasons Why Authors Need Graphics

graphics designer

Graphics are simply an amazing visual to help you with your content. Is that so? Authors NEED graphics? Well, I hate creating them. How about you? For years, I used PowerPoint and threw some stuff together to create the world’s simplest and ugliest graphics. But visuals are lit! They are what drives content. Ugh, I’d…

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How to Build a Street Team

Do you have a favorite author? I mean like someone you buy as soon as the pre-order is up? I love CJ Box’s Joe Pickett series. If he had a street team, I’d be the president. I’m on his mailing list, stalk his Twitter and buy his book the hour the pre-order is posted. Why…

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Why Authors Should Use Pinterest to Build Readers

Photo by Charles Deluvio

What is Pinterest and Why it’s beating Facebook & Twitter? Pinterest has been around since early 2010, and serves as a digital “corkboard.” Users create boards and pin pictures to those boards, effectively building a corkboard of photos about a particular subject. More than 80% of users, called Pinners, are women age 35 and older…

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What Kind of Marketer Are You?

Find out your marketing style by taking my Author Marketing Quiz! It’ll help us identify your level of marketing experience and outline areas for you to grow. At the end, I’ll give you all of my insider tips and tricks in a worksheet that’s catered specifically to your marketing personality.

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