What’s On Your Content Calendar?

Photo by Estée Janssens

One of the more frequent questions I get is, “What am I supposed to post to social media?” I’ve seen frustration over and over about this question. First and foremost, the objective is much deeper than social media. It’s about building your online presence and creating a place for your readers, a place they will…

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Authors On Instagram

Are you on Instagram? These days, everyone is. It’s the hottest growing social media platform around the globe, and well worth an author’s time to look at it. If you are still on the fence, the stats below indicate that authors on Instagram have a lot of potential readers to reach. If you aren’t sure…

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Marketing Tip: “No” is Just the Starting Point

How you sell yourself is different than how you market yourself. Here’s a marketing tip for you: “No” is Just the Starting Point In my line of work, I’ve been called a “puppy dog yapping at my heels,” “bulldog pain in the ass,” “go-getter,” and on one occasion “the energizer bunny.” I wear each of…

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Writing and Meditation: Unplugged Out West

Unplugging from Social Media can help you with Writing and Meditation.   We’re in Yellowstone.  The park. Seeking out nature and the absence of “the net.” Since we found out we’re moving to Washington DC, compliments of the US Air Force, we knew we had to get busy on the bucket list. The last big…

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Author Spotlight: Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones I attended a writing workshop Saturday with Horror Author, Stephen Graham Jones, who has nearly half a dozen books coming out in the next year and teaches a class on zombies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. How cool would that class be? He recently did an interview about zombies with…

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Enhance Your Writing Space & Write Your Book

photo by alvaro de la rica

Do you have a space in your home that is specifically designed as your writing space? Me neither. I use my laptop in whatever area fits my mood. The office is too dark. The dining room faces the street instead of the mountains. The best I have is the kitchen table and I’ve surrounded it…

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Author Spotlight: Jodi Thomas

jodi thomas

Are you a writers conference goer? I love them! I attended my first Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers recently and they had the absolute best keynote ever. Jodi Thomas She is a 3-time RITA award winner and Romance Writer Hall of Famer. Her speech was absolutely inspiring and hilarious.  I’ve cataloged some of the best tidbits…

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