Realistic Authorpreneur Expectations


Whether your writing goal is to make enough money to pay off the car, quit your job or be a USA Today bestseller, there are tools that exist to help you be an authorpreneur. What is an Authorpreneur? An authorpreneur is someone determined to have an author career, small or large. They are committed to…

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How to Build a Street Team

Do you have a favorite author? I mean like someone you buy as soon as the pre-order is up? I love CJ Box’s Joe Pickett series. If he had a street team, I’d be the president. I’m on his mailing list, stalk his Twitter and buy his book the hour the pre-order is posted. Why…

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Why Writers Should Attend Writers Conferences

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

I’ve been to five Pikes Peak Writers Conferences This year would have been my sixth and I was teaching four workshops. But with COVID cancelling everything, I didn’t get to go. That bums me out because I love writers conferences. I believe we’ll get back to attending them in person. That could be a while,…

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Writers: Do These 5 Things Before You’re 5

Photo by Nathan Bingle

Are you a writer? How old are you? Not your real age, your writing age. I decided seven years ago that I wanted to pursue a professional writing career part-time. So, I’m roughly seven years old in “writer years” or maybe since it’s been part-time, I’m really 3.5 years. Let’s go with that because this…

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Is Fiction Writing a Business?

photo by adeolu eletu

Ok, it’s time for some hard truths on whether or not fiction writing is a business. And I’m coming at you from the angle that yes, yes indeed. Writing fiction is a small business. And you are the CEO. You’re also the CFO, CMO, I hear it all the time:  “I just want to write.”…

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Stolen Moments: 10 Ways to Steal Writing Time

Did you create a schedule for your writing? I envy writers who have schedules. You know, the type who can sit down every single day at the same time and write? Joe Lansdale writes every weekday from 9 to noon.  Nora Roberts is an 8-hour a day writer.  Cindi Madsen writes every morning and every…

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Book Marketing: It’s Part of Your Writing Career!

Book Marketing – the favorite part of your writing career. As writers, all you want to do is market books: Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon ads, and the best, in-person book signings! It’s your lifelong passion to be promoting yourself and books. Yet, every time you see me coming, it’s like …..

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