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It’s all about the live video!

Facebook live video is the latest in book marketing, and writers need these steps before getting started.

If you aren’t using live video on social, it’s time to start.

When Facebook launched live video years ago, no one could imagine what a difference it made.

Now, it’s almost universal.

Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat. All have live video.

The access it grants for readers is astounding, and intoxicating. They simply can’t get enough of it. And that is good for writers!

Have a specific reason for your live video

Are you going live just to live or do you have a reason?

Remember, you are aiming at a particular audience.

Think about what they want from you, and what you can give them.

The advice here is the same for all content – it isn’t about you and asking people to buy your book.

It’s about making a connection. It’s about providing an experience for the reader.

Think of your surroundings

Is it windy? Is it loud and noisy?

Some ambient noise is fine, but if it’s taking over the video, then it won’t help you out.

What does the background say? Does it contradict what you’re trying to say or does it compliment it?

Timing is everything

What is going on in the world right now?

Are there current events you can comment on that will help you connect with readers?

What is going on in your book? Can you relate it to something in world?

If you go live during a major world event are you going to look insensitive? Make sure you know what’s going on.

Shorter is better

While Facebook tries to get you to stay live longer, if the video starts to lag, viewers will leave.

Plan your content so there is no lag in the middle.

Keep it engaging and generally, keep it short.

This is true for most videos.

Less than a minute (two at most) is good for recorded video, but you can get away with longer for live video if it’s fun and interesting.

Use your world

Are you visiting a new place? Museum? Bookstore, coffee shop, historic site for research? Live video that.

Show your readers where you are and what you’re doing.

Are you writing? Take a break and talk about how it’s going (if you’re complaining about writers block, make it fun by showing what you’re doing instead of writing).

Read sections of your book.

Interview your characters.

Anything you can blog about or post on social can be turned into a live video.

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