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Instagram: 10 Reasons to Consider for Your Marketing

Start with the fact that it's the hottest and fastest growing social media platform in the world.

Instagram doubled its U.S. followers between June 2016 and June 2018. It’s the biggest moving social media platform online right now. Authors should considered this social outlet when thinking about your marketing strategy.

1- Instagram is the third-most used social media platform in the United States behind YouTube and Facebook

2- 72% of U.S. teens use it

3- There are 2 million monthly advertisers on the outlet

4- 35% of American internet users are on it

5- 95 million posts are uploaded daily

6- 80% of users follow at least one brand on the platform

7- Posts with a location receive 79% more engagement

8- 500 million people use Stories every day

9- Photos see more engagement than videos

10- More photos are now taken every two minutes than during the entire 19th century

It’s a relatively easy platform to use with four main avenues: Stories, Feed, IGTV and Highlights.

Best practices include:

  • Post Stories every single day. It’s the way to let readers get to know you in a more casual setting.
  • Your feed is the window shopping to your brand. Maintain a theme and only post every couple of days or so.
  • IGTV is Instagram Live. Go live once a week and talk about something fun and interesting.
  • Highlights are the little circles below your profile. These are great to bring attention to certain aspects of your brand.
  • Some ideas for highlights include reviews, books, characters, settings and events. Maintain a theme.


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