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How to create a great Instagram bio

Bios are the first thing readers will see. Make sure they stick around.

Instagram is a hot platform these days, and there are one billion reasons you should be on it.

If you are, your Instagram bio needs to have several elements to help you build an engaged following and grow your email subscribers.


Your Instagram bio photo – where’s your face?

A full front face, with a smile, has been shown to prompt more followers than a bio pic without a face.

Folks want friendly.

If you want to use filtered pics, or side profiles or creative full-body wide-shot poses, those can work too.

But bottom line is it’s easier to trust someone if you can see their face.

And readers buy from people the like, know and trust.

instagram bio pic

“Who are you” “What you do” statement

Write a super clear and concise statement that tells the reader right up front who are you and / or what you do.

This isn’t the time to be cute. Be clear.

I am a __(GENRE)__ writer.

Emojis – they aren’t frivolous

Instagram is for fun. Emojis are fun.

I like to use them like bullet points.

Some bios are completely overblown with emojis and some with only one or two.

I don’t think it matters as long as you have a couple of them.

Three things for a killer Instagram bio

What are the three things your author brand is known for?

Hobbies or interests or whatever it is you will consistently post

Add them. Be clear.

The link- where does yours go?

Your Amazon page is not good enough. Use a link tree on your website to drive traffic to your site.

Use a Call-to-Action so readers know exactly what they’ll get when they click on it.

Give them free stuff. Don’t ask them to buy your  book. You haven’t gotten them in the door yet.

The link with free stuff is a way to get them in the door. Sell the book later.


Instagram is a fun place to be on the Internet.

If you get them in the door with a great bio, it’s like being at the top of the funnel.

Keep them moving down the funnel with a great feed, interesting stories, and weekly IGTV.

More importantly, have fun with it!