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Writer Beware the Pizza Man! Healthy Eating for Authors

Just sit and be still. The benefits are almost instantaneous.

I’m no nutritionist but I big on food. I figure if everyone in America can have a blog about food, then I can have one on healthy eating for authors. Because, hey, aren’t we the worst, especially under deadline?

How healthy an eater are you?

Are you a writer who will go for hours and suddenly realize you haven’t eaten since yesterday? Have you ever been deep in a murder scene and suddenly think of spaghetti or ice cream? I have been so consumed by a thriller chase scene that I didn’t even notice the sun went down, the room got dark, and I’m starving! And how do I fix it? Call it in baby!

I’m the worst about ordering pizza because it’s easy. I tell myself it’s healthy because I have them throw veggies on it. Oh and there’s tomato sauce – that’s healthy, right?!

There must be a better way!

I’m not the first to discover food prepping, but I’ve been doing it for years. The days of ordering pizza are not completely over, but they sure don’t come around as much as they used to. Here are a few hacks to help you stop reaching for the Snickers and start reaching for some veggies … and other healthy stuff:

Cut all your veggies on Sunday

  • Food prep is the most awesomest thing ever! I do it every Sunday.
  • Dipping veggies helps you when you get snacky. Salad veggies helps you build a salad in under five minutes flat.

Prep salads in jars

  • Liquid and soggy type veggies on the bottom (dressing, olives, tomatoes), then pile backwards. Other veggies then greens, then nuts and seeds. Just turn the suckers upside down into a bowl and voila!

Smoothies for the win

  • This is my morning go-to! Frozen spinach and strawberries mixed with an apple, a banana, a slug of water and a dash of cinnamon & you’ll be as regular as ever

Batch rice or noodles

  • Sunday is also my batch day for rice or noodles for the week. Love my pasta!
  • Pop that rice in the microwave, top with veggies or beans and eat
  • Soak your noodles in hot water for three minutes, top with sauce and eat

Have delivery app on your phone loaded with pay methods

  • Yes, I think this can be healthy too!
  • Designate healthy restaurants and your favorite meals; when hunger strikes, hit the button and order

Microwave popcorn

  • Not with butter! Ready in three minutes and you’re back to writing

Use frozen veggies to throw in your Instant Pot or slow cooker

  • They’re already chopped and ready to go – sooo easy!

If you eat meat, grill extra and either freeze it or fridge store it

  • Pop on top of that rice and nuke it for three minutes. Ready to go!

Boil eggs in bulk & keep nuts handy

  • My good friend zaps a dozen eggs in her Instant Pot once a week and everyone has a snack on the ready

Write Out and About

  • I love writing in cafes and bistros! But I have to make it a healthy place or I’ll just keep eating crap. Instead of writing at McDonald’s, try Panera Bread or some other restaurant where you know you can get salad or veggies in minutes


Writers block can wreak havoc on your creativity, so implement good, healthy eating habits to keep your brain healthy too. I’m in no way a dietitian so all this crazy advice should be taken with a grain of salt (or maybe herbs).

Side effects of eating this way could include: overall happiness, weight loss, an increase in story ideas, a decrease in writers block, an explosion in vocabulary, and a massive collection of Tupperware!

Happy & Healthy Writing!


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