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Facebook Groups – Why to start them and how

Facebook Groups are where the money's at right now.

How many Facebook Groups do you belong to? Me? Probably 50. I know people who are in over 100.

Overseas, we used them religiously to reach people, share news and gossip.

The deal is Facebook prioritized Facebook Groups over Facebook Pages for a reason.

Algorithms kicked up Facebook Groups to the top of the feed. 

In January 2018, Facebook changed its algorithm to prioritize interaction.  They started showing more friends and family and less pages. In addition, Facebook Groups emerged as a big player.

Have you noticed your feed has less of the Pages you liked and more of the Groups?

Why did they do this?

If you’re a cynic like me, it’s to boost advertising dollars from companies.

However, if you’re a little more “benefit of the doubt,” Facebook did say they wanted the experience to be more social.

To give you more interaction with friends and families than businesses.

How do I build a Facebook Group?

First, think of it like a street team or fan club.

Because FB’s algorithms reward interaction, they really boost groups. Make it a space people want to check out every day. It should be fun, interesting and interactive.

Post it on your website and all over your social media.

What do I post in my Group?

That depends on your author brand. What experience are you offering the reader?

Duplicate that in the Group.

What three things are you known for? What does your genre offer? Post all of that for your readers.