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Clubhouse – What You Need to Know

Are you ready for the hottest social outlet available? Audio is killing it and you don't want to miss this!

Clubhouse is the hottest social media outlet on the internet right now.

But how familiar with it are you? Is it right for authors? What can the book industry get out of it?

Let’s dig in.

What is Clubhouse?

It’s the social media outlet all haters of live video have been waiting for!

It’s basically a conference call without video.

It’s also like having your own TedTalk with a bunch of people.

You can listen in to any open room on the platform.

You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to.

Or you can host your own room and have a conversation about a topic of interest.

Clubhouse is new

First, a little background. It’s only been around since the spring of 2020.

So if you haven’t heard of it, don’t despair. It’s super new.

And my guess is you had other things on your mind back then than worrying about a new social outlet.

But there is nothing like it out there and I’m super excited about it.

Poll after poll shows people like to listen. Whether it’s to audiobooks, podcasts or the radio, listening while working out, driving, gardening, cleaning, working has shown to be extremely effective as a marketing tool.

How Clubhouse works

Right now it’s in beta and only on iOS so Android users have to wait until late 2021 at the earliest.

Without an invitation from an existing user, you’re on the outside looking in.

So, if you’re an iPhone user, create your account and upload your contacts.

Clubhouse will tell you if any of your contacts are on the platform. Then reach out and ask.

I got mine through a colleague who posted about it on Facebook.

A really great workaround came from Tiffany Lee Bymaster on Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy podcast where she suggested finding an old iPhone, connecting to wifi, download the app, get an invite and explore.

It’s a great idea!

I borrowed a friend’s old iPhone since we’re Samsung users.

What can authors get out of it?

For now, I see two ways authors can use Clubhouse.

  1. Authors can listen to great conversations for research. The exposure to experts and celebrities is unreal. Take advantage of that.
  2. Name recognition through speaking will be way easier than on other social outlets. You can add to conversations or host your own. Either way, participation will have a tremendous payoff down the road.


I think Clubhouse has really filled a hole in the social media market. So many people don’t do live video because it’s intimidating or just not fun. Speaking where no one can see you gives you a lot of freedom to connect without worrying about the extras (lighting, being camera ready, location, etc..).

This is one of the reasons I like podcasting over video. I can just talk to people without a lot of technical know-how and external prep. So for now, I’m doing a lot of listening and will continue to explore how this platform will be a game changer for authors.