Writing Inspiration: Independence Day

Do you need a writing inspiration on Independence day? Give yourself the freedom to write. Bring the sites and sounds of the 4th of July to any genre! According to the History Channel,  July 4th has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but the tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to…

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Author Spotlight: Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones I attended a writing workshop Saturday with Horror Author, Stephen Graham Jones, who has nearly half a dozen books coming out in the next year and teaches a class on zombies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. How cool would that class be? He recently did an interview about zombies with…

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Writer’s Block: What to do About it


Ok, I have it.  Writer’s Block. Today, I’m drawing a blank. Well, truth be told, for the passed ten days I’ve been drawing a blank. I have other friends who are going through the same thing. Some of this is definitely quarantine related. I can’t concentrate on anything but health issues, keeping my family safe…

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Let’s talk log line

Photo by Jon Tyson

What exactly is a log line? Well, think about this: You’re chatting with the barista at your favorite coffee house about the extra hot, skinny hazelnut mocha no whip you just can’t start your day without and who sidles up beside you to order? The agent of your dreams. A reader of exactly your type…

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Why Do We Write? A Little Motivational Exercise for Writers

Photo by Tucker Good

Why Do We Write? Being a writer means being plagued all the time with the question. Because doubt causes self-inflicted wounds to our words. A Little Motivational Exercise for Writers Our writing comes from deep inside where it ferociously slams its way through the muck and goo of our every self-conscious knife of insecurity to…

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Fiction Genres Matter

Do you know why fiction genres matter in the publishing industry? Because you, as a fiction writer, want to sell books. Now, maybe you could invent your own genre like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling or Kurt Vonnegut. But if not, the safest bet is to pick an established fiction genre until you are so…

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Enhance Your Writing Space & Write Your Book

photo by alvaro de la rica

Do you have a space in your home that is specifically designed as your writing space? Me neither. I use my laptop in whatever area fits my mood. The office is too dark. The dining room faces the street instead of the mountains. The best I have is the kitchen table and I’ve surrounded it…

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Best Marketing For Writers

book marketing

What is the best marketing for writers? The debate on what constitutes the best marketing for writers is a ferocious one. Is it books or presence? Will what works for one work for another? If you ask a public relations specialist, it will be the internet. And if you ask a marketing specialist, it will…

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Writers Hate to Market

But Writers Hate to Market! I hear the same thing at every writers conference, workshop, and write-in I attend. Writers hate to market and don’t want to bother with building a brand. Writers are introverts who want to be writing, not hocking their books. Most complain about the time spent on social media and find…

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Author Spotlight: Jodi Thomas

jodi thomas

Are you a writers conference goer? I love them! I attended my first Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers recently and they had the absolute best keynote ever. Jodi Thomas She is a 3-time RITA award winner and Romance Writer Hall of Famer. Her speech was absolutely inspiring and hilarious.  I’ve cataloged some of the best tidbits…

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