Author Blog Ideas

For fiction writers, blogging can be a great tool to get the creative juices flowing. For nonfiction authors, it’s a good tool to answer questions for your readers.

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Why Authors Should Use Pinterest to Build Readers

Photo by Charles Deluvio

What is Pinterest and Why it’s beating Facebook & Twitter? Pinterest has been around since early 2010, and serves as a digital “corkboard.” Users create boards and pin pictures to those boards, effectively building a corkboard of photos about a particular subject. More than 80% of users, called Pinners, are women age 35 and older…

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Barnes & Noble Sold: What Will Happen Now?

I love bookstores. Maybe even more than I love books (maybe). The smell is intoxicating and invites me to sit in a comfy chair, crack a book and read until someone kicks me out. If it has a coffee bar, even better. While I’m a bigger fan of small, independent bookstores, I’ll never drive passed a Barnes & Noble without stopping. So when the news came out a couple of weeks ago, I got curious.

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