State of the Publishing Industry

photo by James Tarbotton

With Amazon not shipping print books and bookstores barely open, how’s the publishing industry doing? Well, believe it or not, so far, so good. State of the Publishing Industry Prior to coronavirus lockdown, in August 2019, the Association of American Publishers reported the following numbers: Net revenue for hardback, paperback, mass market, and board books…

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Realistic Authorpreneur Expectations


Whether your writing goal is to make enough money to pay off the car, quit your job or be a USA Today bestseller, there are tools that exist to help you be an authorpreneur. What is an Authorpreneur? An authorpreneur is someone determined to have an author career, small or large. They are committed to…

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6 Reasons Why Authors Need Graphics

graphics designer

Graphics are simply an amazing visual to help you with your content. Is that so? Authors NEED graphics? Well, I hate creating them. How about you? For years, I used PowerPoint and threw some stuff together to create the world’s simplest and ugliest graphics. But visuals are lit! They are what drives content. Ugh, I’d…

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How to Build a Street Team

Do you have a favorite author? I mean like someone you buy as soon as the pre-order is up? I love CJ Box’s Joe Pickett series. If he had a street team, I’d be the president. I’m on his mailing list, stalk his Twitter and buy his book the hour the pre-order is posted. Why…

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Why Writers Should Attend Writers Conferences

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

I’ve been to five Pikes Peak Writers Conferences This year would have been my sixth and I was teaching four workshops. But with COVID cancelling everything, I didn’t get to go. That bums me out because I love writers conferences. I believe we’ll get back to attending them in person. That could be a while,…

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Writing versus YOU!

Are you ready to rummmmble? Or at least ready to knock your writing out of the park? Your resident writing cheerleader is here to get you going. I’ve been an athlete my entire life, and everything I learned about consistency, discipline and commitment came from sports. Those lessons are absolutely appropriate to writing as well.…

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What I learned about Pinterest for Writers

pinterest for authors

Last week, I decided to spend some time researching how writers can use Pinterest to further their writers’ platform. My philosophy is that in order to reach the people, you need to be where the people are. Right now, they are on Pinterest. Why? I still think Pinterest is definitely the place to showcase your…

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