Writing Habits – What can Centenarians teach us?

Those over the age of 100 offer tons of advice on longevity. What can they offer a writer about productivity? —- As we embark on a new year, tons of folks are thinking about how to develop new writing habits. Go to the gym. Eat better. Write more. Habits and goals are important. They give…

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Off the Grid – Stay Motivated, Not Distracted

Time offline can lead to greater focus and creativity. Motivation can come from many places. How about from inside you? What can you, an author, do without your computer? So many things! —- How are your efforts to stay motivated working? Are you doing the writing you want to be doing? Or are you distracted?…

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Virtual Assistants for Authors: Do I need one?

virtual assistant

Do authors need virtual assistants? Well, let’s answer a couple of questions: Have you thought about how much freaking work it is to write your book? Like really how much effort you put into it? Now, what about trying to sell that book? You are the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO of your own small…

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