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Author Brand: Simple is Best

Writer brands should be concise, recognizable and unique, and very, very focused.

Author brand is more than logos and slogans. It’s everything that goes with you, the author, including the digital presence. One thing I’ve consistently seen too much of is stuff. Too many websites, blogs, Facebook pages, you name it.  Here’s what’s important:  readers want to find you and interact with you.  If they can’t figure it out, then they won’t engage.  Spreading yourself thin can degrade the quality of the interaction they get.  So create your brand, focus it on the outlets that work and be consistent with colors and logos.

Author Brand Tip #1- Your uniqueness

Figure out how you are different from every other writer in your genre. That’s your uniqueness, and how you stand out from the crowd. Fill in the blank: You are the only GENRE writer that writes THIS when everyone else writes THIS.

Author Brand Tip #2- One public persona.

YOU, the writer, are the brand, not the book.  Decide what things you want to share about yourself. Brainstorm hobbies, interests, and careers and build your brand around three things you like and you are comfortable sharing. Add that to your uniqueness statement, and that’s your public persona.

Author Brand Tip #4 – Colors and logos.

Whatever color you choose should match the vibe of your brand. In psychology, colors actually have meaning. Pick the right one. Same with font and logos. Once you create your color scheme and logos, use them on every digital space you own. When a reader clicks, they should know just by colors, logos and fonts, that it’s you.

Author Brand Tip #5 – One Social Media account.

One?  Yes.  Facebook is not for everyone, neither is Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest or LinkedIn. But if you have them all and aren’t updating them, then you are diluting your brand and harming your credibility.  Pick one you like and are comfortable with.  Use it religiously and drive folks to your landing page (website).  Make it interactive and fun.


The bottom line with all this is quality.  I know you’d rather be writing, so spend some time up front developing your brand. Be consistent with its usage, and get back to writing.

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