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Brand Photos: Do I need a professional photographer?

A professional photographer is key to your author brand.

Brand photos are key to helping you create and sell your brand. But do you need a professional photographer to help you with that?

Yes. Yes, you do. And here’s why:

1- Professional photography gives your brand credibility.

Authors represent a small business. You are the CEO of that small business. Once you accept you are building a business with your books, it makes this identity easier to manage. Every small business needs to look and feel professional. Brand photos help you build that credibility.

2- Brand photos help your readers get to know you

Readers want to buy books from authors they like, know and trust. Photos help readers get to know you. You’ve heard, “Put a face with a name?” Photos do that for people. There is just something a bit more interesting about you when a reader can put that face behind the name.

3- Your brand is you. Photos help tell the story.

Just as your words tell a story, so do photos. They tell a visual story. That story helps readers get to know you. The tone, style, facial expressions, dress, setting – all work together to tell a story about you and what you represent – and that is gold for engagement.

4- Photos are an all-purpose asset

Bio pic, anyone? Brand photos can be used across all your social and web content. They can be used in promotional materials, brochures, post cards,presentations, book jacket copy, you name it. Investing in professional brand photography allows you to share when conference or event coordinators need a photo of you. You’ll have it super handy!


Once you’re ready, go to Pinterest or Instagram and look around for fellow authors or influencers or celebrities you admire to get some ideas for your photo shoot. Make sure to find a photography who specifically does brand photography. A seasonal or wedding photographer is not the same thing. And have fun! It may feel awkward at first, but I promise, it can be fun!